Let’s face it, being a photographer is tougher than ever before! It's easy to get frustrated, anxious and impatient. The first requirement of working with newborns is to be patient. It will involve a full newborn session where I will teach you how to pose the baby safely, keep the baby happy, soothe and use props. I’ll also go over my camera settings with you and how I use light.

After the session, we would have some lunch and chat about business, advertising and how to market yourself effectively. Being able to use social media to your advantage is currently a key part of being in business and so I will chat through how to set up a Facebook page, use Facebook advertising and how to best attract the right type of clients. I will also run through my pricing structure and how it works for me as well as offering advice about yours.

After lunch, we would fire up the computer and go through the editing process in photoshop and i'll give you lots of tips and tricks to master editing baby skin, lighting etc. Babies often have marks, scratches and dry skin and so this knowledge is essential in providing a clean finish to your newborn images.

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